All NHS events, all in one place.

Introducing Agora

Agora is an intelligent NHS events-discovery tool. It allows NHS professionals to easily find and publicise training and educational events relevant to them.

  • Discover Events

    Find relevant events to your training level, professional interests and education needs.

  • Weekly Digest

    Get relevant events and educational opportunities delivered straight to your inbox every week.

  • Organise and Sell Tickets

    Easily reach relevant NHS professionals, and use our state-of-the-art ticketing system to manage bookings.

How Agora Works

The easiest way to find educational events (and publicise them) for NHS professionals.

  • Define your interests

    Enter your specialty, place of work, and educational interests.

  • Find relevant events

    See events that are custom-picked for you, or filter by category, date, and location.

  • Weekly email digests

    Receive regular email digests with a summary of events relevant to you.

  • Advanced tools for event organisers

    Get your event into the inboxes of relevant NHS professionals, and easily manage bookings.

All NHS Events, All In One Place

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